To record any copyrighted music owned by Holmes Street Publishing you must request a mechanical license. Please provide the following information:

  1. Song title and composer or arranger
  2. Title of recording and artist
  3. Number of units to be manufactured
  4. Release date of recording
  5. Recorded length of each song

Even if you are recording only one copy of a copyrighted piece of music, you must get permission. Even if you are not selling the recordings, but merely giving them away, you still must secure a mechanical license to be legal.

Holmes Street Publishing charges the statutory rate, currently the greater of $.091 or $.0175 per minute per song per CD, which is determined by Congress and overseen by the Library of Congress.

If you wish to reprint any Holmes Street Publishing copyright and or need permission to arrange one of our copyrights, please contact Mark Hayes at or 816-531-1591.